Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wilson Loves...


trucks, playing outside,

making everyone laugh, stickers,

and tea parties. Yes, tea parties-- he is serving tea in that purple egg.
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My Babies!

I still have to look twice when I see a picture of myself and my two beautiful children! That's me, and my babies-- I have my dream job: mother. I love this!!!
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80 Degree Weather!

Wilson-- 22 months old
Very busy...
won't stay still for the camera
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Alexandria... 17 Months Old

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Fire Safety Week

Hurry, hurry, drive that fire truck...
Hurry, hurry, climb the ladder...
Hurry, hurry, squirt the water....
Fire chief Wilson so enjoyed Fire Prevention Week at school!!! Now every time we drive by a fire station or see a fire truck he wants to drive the "fire 'uck". They learned this cute sone, which we love to sing and ring the bell. Thank you Mrs. Klauber and Mrs. Merrick for all that you teach our children!!!! We love you!!!!
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Papa's Beach House

Wilson LOVES to go to Papa's beach house in Surfside... we decided to take advantage and go for the weekend. Unfortunately all of the good beach footage is on the video camera-- so I will have to get a lesson from Nancy on how to get video clips onto the blog.
Anyway... the first day we were there it was really nice in the sun on the beach. Alexandria still throroughly enjoys eating sand (blegh!!!) and Wilson enjoys digging, splashing, watching his shadow, drawing in the sand, running, dancing, the fun goes on and on and on. The following days were a bit chillier, so we took advantage of a nearby playground-- it is a GREAT playground, and we had lots of fun swinging and climbing ans sliding. An older child came with her dad and immediately opened her pretend concession stand on one of the structures. Wilson thought it was quite funny to repeat everything she said in his high-pitched questioning voice, like "chocolate cake and lemonade?! ha ha ha", "soda?! ha ha ha"-- it was funny how funny he thought it was!

I see you!!!

Q T!!!

Daddy brought out his cast net for a little sea shore fun-- he caught groups of medium-sized fish. I was impressed with Wilson's willingness to hold them. They flopped around and one even jumped right out of his little bucket. Wilson liked to toss them back towards the water and watch them wiggle their way back to freedom. (Like daddy, like son.) The ones that weren't quite fast enough made a tasty lunch for the seagulls. Wilson thought that was pretty neat too.
I hope Wilson and Alexandria have lots and lots of memories like these, enjoying nature, the coast and God's amazing creation...

How could we not savor a view like this???

Rare Moment

Don't you know that one would have to be strapped down

to get a picture of both???

How sweet though!

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The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Johns Island to meet some friends... AA, Alexandria, Wilson, me and Daddy. It was a beautiful (quite warm) day.

Wilson enjoyed "driving the fire truck" (in the tree), giving the scarecrow a biiiigggg hug...

and picking out the perfect stick, no, pumpkin. He even picked one (pumpkin) out for SaSa and Grandaddy.

I think the field of pumpkins kind of overwhelmed Wilson at first, but tromping around saying "not this one" over and over and over got to be a fun game to play with his anxious momma and AA... Alexandria liked the no-petting-cuz-the-animals-bite-petting-zoo and lunch. So sad we weren't able to stay and play with Charlotte and Jay, and Frances, Catherine, Mae and Addie.... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fireman Fun

Ever since Fire Prevention Week when Wilson had real firemen and real fire trucks come to his school (another post to come), he has been obsessed with being a fireman! Have you ever seen such a cutie???

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Halloween fun...

Trick or treating around the neighborhood...
Alexandria was thrilled to be riding in the wagon.

Until she bit into a glow bracelet and we took her back to Amanda and Jason's house to call Poison Control. We weren't the first call with such concerns, and I am most sure we weren't the last, but the guy gave me quite the lecture. "Those are not at all intended for children under the age of twelve... if you have any left, throw them away. Glow sticks shouldn't be in the house at all..." He went on, and then (finally) told me she would be fine, her mouth would probably be a little iritated, she may throw up, but just to give her plenty of clear fluids. So our treat of the evening was a pedialyte popsicle!

Wilson was able to enjoy a little more neighborhood fun and then it was home for bath and bed (8pm! that's an hour late!!!).
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Raggedy Andy

Wilson dressed up as Raggedy Andy for his class Halloween party, trick or treating at Mamaw's house, SaSa and Grandaddy's house, and with our friends in a nearby neighborhood. He LOVED his costume-- he even wanted to wear his hat and hairto school the next day too...

Trick or Treating was a big hit all the way around!
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Raggedy Ann

Alexandria dressed up as Raggedy Ann for Halloween parties at Toddler Time and Wilson's school... she was an excellent sport about the hair most of the time!

Woo hoo, she loves cookies!

Trick or treating at SaSa and Grandaddy's House

Trick or treating at Mamaw's house... rice krispy treats are a newfound delight!
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